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WILO Spare Parts

WILO is international leader in manufacturing of pumps and pumping systems for the Building Services, the Water Management and the Manufacturing System. The headquarters are located in Dortmund (Germany) and the company is deeply oriented to Research and Development of new products and solutions for the water pumping. WILO is synonym of technology, energy efficiency and reliability.

WILO has production sites, branches and offices in 60 States.
F.A.E. Srl is Service Partner WILO since 1994.

SALMSON Spare Parts

SALMSON is leader in the manufacturing of circulators for heating and conditioning systems. It’s specialized in the manufacturing of pumps and related accessories for every kind of water system: pumps, circulators, electropumps, multicellular, unicellular, drainage systems, etc.

SALMSON has production sites around Europe
F.A.E. Srl is Partner SALMSON since 2001.

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